Brake Caliper Powder Coating & Rebuilding

Mail in your brake calipers for powder coating and rebuilding. Typical lead time is 2 weeks. This service includes disassembly – removing all pistons and rubber seals. Parts are then chemically stripped to bare metal, preheated to burn off contamination, and sandblasted before powder coating with a base coat and a top coat. Calipers are then reassembled, any vinyl logos are applied and pictures are sent for approval. In addition to powder coating and rebuilding, we can address leaking brake caliper seals and replace parts such as pistons, cross-over tubes, and bleeders. We have experience repairing seized pistons, frozen brake bleeders, and repairing stripped threads. Please be sure to mention if the calipers have any issues so it can be included in our estimate. Powder coating is the preferred option for refinishing brake calipers for street use. When used on a track or subjected to extreme conditions the coating can darken and become brittle over time. We offer high temp paint in limited colors for these applications.

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